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We believe in the importance of dogs in our lives. To honour that bond,

Dog Caricatures gives back to the Canine Community in numerous ways.

In the past, we have run fundraisers and donated custom Dog Caricatures for raffle

to benefit animal charity organisations around Australia. Raffling or auctioning a

Dog Caricature has proven to be a popular method for raising much needed funds

and awareness for animal welfare groups.

We need YOU to continue this work! If you are involved with or run an animal welfare organisation we would LOVE to hear from you! Whether your organisation requires a raffle prize, a logo/flyer/poster design, or something else we haven’t thought of yet, please don’t hesitate to contact Tim HERE. Tim is also able to appear at your fetes

and fun-days, but it recommended you book early, so get in touch with us today!

Make adoption the first option!

​Dog Caricatures strongly believes in animal adoption, fostering and re-homing. If you are considering a new pet, please consider whether an adoption animal would suit you better. Although, puppies and kittens will always be adopted first, there are trained and obedient adult dogs and cats that would adore a forever home.


Giving Back

Raffle funds raised in 2012/13 for Animal Aid Organisations.

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