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Terms & Conditions

​How long will it take?
I will endeavour to complete your artwork as quickly as possible but the whole process can take up to 6 weeks - depending on your approval and time contraints.
Please let us know if the caricature is for a gift and is required by a certain date.

Can I have a human in the Caricature?
Unfortunately not. The great thing about doing Pet caricatures over people caricatures is that pets seldom complain and are never offended with the outcome!

Do you do all sorts of animals?
Yes! We don't discriminate! 

Can i have more than one Pet in the Caricature?
Illustration can include 2 or more Pets!
(add extra cost per pet/s)

Do you do logos?
Yes! Logos and other commercial illustrations are charged at a different rate. Please contact me for more details.

If i'm not happy with the Pet Caricature do I have to pay?
Yes. However with every Pet Caricature you get the chance to request changes and adjustments of the initial sketch free of charge. If you are still not 100% happy you can request a second change or re-draw to be charged at $65.50 p/h. If you are still not happy after that there are no hard feelings and you only have to pay the sketch ($149) + any additional re-draws charged at the hourly rate.

1. Client acknowledges and agrees that the Illustrator (Tim McFarlin) is first and sole owner of all 'copyright' and retains intellectual rights in all Illustration(s) and artwork print(s)

2. Upon payment in full of all fees, the Illustrator grants the client a non-exclusive right to use the artwork print(s) and illustration(s) for a personal and non-commercial use only.

3. Illustrator is entitled to use all illustrations for self promotion purposes or to enter into any contest.

4. Assignment of Rights: Client may not assign this Licence or any part thereof unless authorised in writing by the illustrator

5. No modifications, changes or alterations may be made to any illustrations or any part thereof, directly or indirectly, without Illustrator's prior written consent.

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